• In that single hour, I'm the only one awake
    In this single hour, Any lower and I'd be gone
    My little room like a dark corner of pain
    four little silver friends in a row, waiting their turn-
    ...To taste my blood
    ...To split my skin
    ...To ease the pain that's building up inside me

    In this single hour, I'm all alone with only thoughts of despair
    In that single hour, I beg God for help
    ...I beg him to save me
    ...To ease my pain
    ...I beg him to tell me why, why me?

    In that single hour, I lose control and let go
    In this single hour, I allow the tears to fall
    ...Crying, seen as a weakness
    ...Imperfection, reflected in a cruel and fractured glass
    ... Desperation, infinitely smothers my hopes when it's answered with silence
    ...Fear and Panic, because I mustn't let it show,
    keep it hidden so no one will know

    In that single hour, A theme of dark thoughts occur
    In this single hour, I will live my final moments in a blur

    That very morning, I will be gone
    In that single hour, I could not be saved.