• For a time a peace,
    I know you're with me,
    Like a golden flease
    As warm as could be.

    Through my trials Ive earned
    And for these things Ive fought.
    I thank my teacher who learned,
    The things Ive bean tought.

    The people who think,
    as opposed to drink.
    And those who wink,
    Lost in a blink.

    Is posure a bad thing?
    Composure a fad thing?
    Exposure a glad thing?
    Closure a sad thing?

    Have I completed thought?
    No I think not.
    I kept on thinking,
    And then I forgot.

    A doubble paned window
    Shows Im two faced,
    A seven headed lion,
    that keeps me in place.

    But in your direction
    There's a welcoming smile:
    And its one that sticks;
    One I wear for a while.

    So when you look away,
    Im there to stay,
    Love in so many ways!
    For the record,
    That is every single...