• Death, at its most approachable sense brings closure to life, a life fully lived.

    This is not that case.

    Which leaves death a struggle to accept and impossible to understand. So I'm not going to try to understand it. I don't want to live any part of my life on a treadmill of enigmatic deliberation.

    Because this right here in front of me.

    This is,

    admittedly, the most profoundly beautiful sight. A multitude of friendly faces, who were all positively effected by my father, directly or indirectly, whether he was a large part of your life or a minute stitch in the seems of your past.

    The fact is, all of us here are going to effect the world with actions that reflect our experiences and the people we have met along the way, including my dad.

    Every time my mind battles with intimations of sadness I am going to picture this, right in front of me. And I urge everyone else here to do the same if that same sadness attempts to overwhelm them. Because this right here is proof that my dad, my mothers husband, my grandmas son, my brothers dad, my cousins uncle, my aunts and uncles brother-in-law, our friend and our teacher is apart of the worlds living legacy.

    Thank you.