• All that's left are ghosts
    Their ribs poking through
    Whistles in the night air
    Expelling us from the world
    One by glorious one
    Until all that's left i the dirt
    It was once stuck between are toes
    Now within are hearts and lungs

    Shame in our defeat
    It lets us choke on invisible strings
    The way things are meant to be
    Fate controls what thinks it's free
    Nothing is for certain, even names change
    As cycles of a gray moon
    Promises break just as a twig in the dark
    Repeat the words once said

    Remember when all they wanted was to be in our heads
    Life was scared of what it had become
    And all the things we had done
    Unexplainable shifts of wind
    Ominous clouds foretell our past
    After all nothing lasts
    Do you feel it closing in?
    Bones shiver as we near the fray