• I wanna be where the merfolk are
    I wanna see, wanna see them splashing
    swimming around on those, what do you call 'em?
    Oh fins.
    Walkin up here you don't get too far:
    fins are required for swimming, diving;
    floating along down a
    what's the word again?
    Down where they splash, down where they play
    down where they spend all day in the sea;
    wandering free,
    wish I could be
    part of that world.
    What would I give
    if I could live under those waters?
    What would I pay
    to spend a day
    with the ocean for air.
    I bet you down there,
    bet they don't care,
    bet they don't
    ignore their daughters,
    bright young women,
    sick of standin,
    ready to dive.
    I'm ready to know what the mermaids know
    ask 'em my questions and get some answers.
    What's anenome and why does it
    whats the word
    When's it my turn,
    when can I go
    go explore that world down below,
    under the sea
    wish I could be
    part of that world.