• One thing i fight for.
    another i die for,
    why do we try so hard in this life?
    who gives me the strength to move on?
    what gives me the strength to go on?
    no one tells me my future.
    I create my future
    I live life
    I love life.
    I love her.
    but love is not freedom
    is that not what we all truly want?
    this one great thing everyone searches for
    I pity you.
    as I pity myself.
    as I break barriers I have set up for myself
    means of falling are but a gesture I am trying
    if I do fall in this race for freedom
    cut and worn..
    I will stand back up
    I will show you not only freedom takes time
    I will show you that freedom is our greatest enemy
    one step, one corner always leading to another.
    we run in circles running for "freedom"
    freedom is something we have come to worship
    like a god
    only in our minds giving us hope,
    something to hold on to.
    is our final moments.
    when nothing in life matters anymore
    when all that we have left are the true friends
    the ones you love,will not standing beside you
    the ones that love you, will stand by you
    as you close your eyes in one final moment,