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    We were not who we said we would be.
    For a reason like ours, was no reason to believe.
    Inside our hears we knew all too well,
    That a desire like ours was destined to fail.

    Yet we fell in darkness, and built a bridge with bare hands.
    We would lay aching with every bone shattering like thin glass.
    A tear that had never touched skin now poured over our lips.
    It was nearly a sin.

    What blasphemy we speak of now
    words so carefully just thrown around.
    Have we forgotten our place in this world?
    What we are now is completely absurd.

    Such atrocities had ailed us,
    leaving us with nothing to discuss
    You may hate, ignore, or even scram at me if you must.
    But please do to remember I was the only one who would put up with all the fuss.

    Only an echo now, our love lays.
    With the dogs, and rats among the trout it stays.
    Secrets so fragile are just tossed about.
    Poisoned money remains hidden in doubt.
    We are clearly insane,
    to even continue in this sick, sick game

    A memory of sin.
    A game of pain.
    A lovers last breath is torn in the wind.
    I find this to be a suitable end.
    For you and I.
    I and you.
    At last we may bid adieu.
    heart heart heart heart heart