• gaia_star
    I have so much fear of the heaven

    This earth's enough, i want to stay

    But it's being destroyed

    I'm down on my face

    I could not even stand

    Can't it really be helped

    gaia_angelleft Come back cherub gaia_angelright

    gaia_angelleft Return above gaia_angelright

    gaia_angelleft Return to God gaia_angelright

    gaia_angelleft Quell the anger of God gaia_angelright

    gaia_nitemareleft If I could just see you gaia_nitemareright

    gaia_nitemareleft I'll hold you and then say gaia_nitemareright

    There's one thing you don't know

    That's how to go back home

    I just can't stand it

    To see how this earth'll be finished

    To see how I'll be punished

    To see it ends like, this