• Sovngarde.
    The grand home of dead heroes.
    The holy land of good and reward.
    ...The land that is soiled by the evil black dragon.
    I entered this land hearing drums beat, the grand heroes sing.
    As I walk further I hear them sing louder and louder.
    They speak the dragon's tongue saying my blood given title.
    I came to this land still among the living not to cheat all the ones alive.
    But to do what I was born to do.
    Its funny to think that after I was told by the dragon slaying Blades and by the master Greybeards...
    That I would deicide what was right.
    Because in the very end it's not about the Blade's honor.
    Or the Greybeard's enlighten ways.
    Or of Skyrim's and the rest of the world's petty troubles
    Or even the troubles of the world's people or mine
    No in the end it's about this.
    The battle that has been possibly done many times before.
    The battle that always decides if this world is worth to live on or die right here.
    The battle between the light of our world and the shadows of the future.
    The battle between two dragon kin.
    The battle that I like many before me and many that will go after me will perform.
    The battle against the soul eater...
    The Bringer of the End Times...
    The merciless, black hearted dragon...
    But do not fear.
    As I stare at the Grand Hall of heroes I swear...
    That I will win this battle.
    That our world will not end.
    That I will save all that I have met and that I have done right...and wrong.
    I swear to you my friend that I will not fall.
    I will tell my tale to all.
    I will not let you down.
    I will defeat the almighty Alduin!