• 'Twas frigid and dark--gloomy as could be--
    The birthday of the sun--passed as it did
    With none to witness--uneventfully--
    Except the snow--but laughter it forbid--

    The world below--the Nine-Tailed Goddess saw--
    A world corrupted--envy, wrath, and greed--
    She gathered Anima--put out a call
    And sent her priestesses to those in need--

    they went forth feline~ canine~ others too~
    some dressed undressed~ with lace~ poofs ribbons draped~
    an off'ring~ cuteness flooded all anew~
    the red-white vanguard gifts~ they all were delievered.

    And in this time of cuteness! love! and fun!
    'Tis time to say that Cutemas has begun!