• Don't eat my chocolate heart here have some tarts mama I have no smarts
    boo hoo what a loser lost in my head poke toke yet I still smoke my brain is yellow yoke I choke on my chocolate heart bloody red from jello shots don't eat my chocolate heart here have some more tarts crack my yellow yoke of a brain I'm still the same a pain the happiness is gone now I cry and sigh for no more tarts I give you my chocolate heart to you to as it beats slowly in your hand for now I hide inside my own mind as I slowly drown myself in my own sugar of shame I feel myself going down as I drown I think about our love and ways to replace my broken shattered chocolate heart so I guess next time I play it safe and stay away from your place because you ripped out chocolate heart and yet I can't give anymore tarts for now I have found my smarts you'll find me never again and now I say once again don't eat up my chocolate heart come here have tarts how dare you say that I have no smarts well looks like we ran out of time so now I must end my little rhyme

    Written By Fluffy Owl Head