• I have given up on ways to make you see
    I’m nobody else I’m just me
    The things in my head
    No one’s ever the same
    Just because you feel one way
    It doesn't mean I follow the grain
    I feel nothing
    I'm just a blank sheet
    I try to tell you to don’t take it personally
    But everyone just turns away from me
    I don’t want someone to be there to hold
    I don’t want someone to kiss
    I want someone who I can count on when I finally feel
    Is that enough Just to ask for a friend
    Is it enough for you to know that I don’t want anybody
    Not the way you want me too
    I give up on that
    It’s too hard to take
    Am I too damaged?
    Too much a freak
    Do I disgust you?
    Am I just weak?
    I’m just a broken mind with a broken soul
    In this broken body
    And I just want to be alone
    I’m running out of ways to ask you to see
    I’m just asking you to just give up on me.