• its been a burden for so damn long
    nightmares every night to every song
    i want to say i hate it, and i do
    i have to come to accept what is true
    though i'll never say a word

    fighting this, is fighting the dark
    i can hear my evil bark
    pain surges through my bones
    and my heart weighs with heavy stones
    moral keeps me sane
    while no one will listen I'm deranged
    though i'll never say a word

    human emotion or basic instinct
    does a ant fear a spider
    or is he just another fighter
    one would face his fears every night
    till the rise of sunlight
    then stumbled upon the greatest nightmare
    it just isnt fair
    though i'll never say a word

    half of me is here
    and the other half is somewhere
    i wonder if i met her and let her go
    or will i stumble into destiny
    and go with a dream and flow
    possibly in the end i'll see
    and you will listen to my story