• All I want to do is hold a little heart,
    Keep them safe and warm,
    Feed them and nurture and help them grow.
    Watch them success and motivated them.

    Hold their tears and push them forward.
    I want to see life from a new view,
    See things I forgot about,
    Remember the world is fun of adventures,
    While protecting from dangers.

    I want to remember an imagination.
    Dragons and flowers can have tea parties,
    Stuff animals protected against monster under the bed.
    Crazy unrealistic stories that could never happen and at the End of the day,
    I would still be the hero!

    I want those little hearts to know,
    They are safe, they are loved.
    That they can over come anything and everything,
    To keep their innocence,
    Mistakes are just lessons learn and sometimes,
    you have to live them to learn.

    I want be a teacher,
    A nurse
    A cook,
    a best friend
    and a hero.
    I want more than anything is to hold a little heart.