• I wish we wanted less for material and wealth.
    We need so much more for family and health.
    The deck's not stacked in our favor.
    It's so much easier to stay sick then it is
    to curb our own destructive behavior.
    We constantly find ourselves back in the stick,
    grasping at straws for a savior.

    We lack the motivation to push through!
    Crash land in the ocean with little hope for the crew!
    And we'll drown in our own pathetic self pity
    and the apathetic blue
    (Blue) marble drifting aimless through the void.
    Silent, still.
    Incubating something so disgustingly violent and ill.
    Man, it feels like we've been falling forever,
    but we'll keep making excuses!
    We never own our inability to endeavor!
    Keep signing treaties and truces with our abuses.

    We're a short sighted seer, a short winded bard,
    Blinding light blinded deer step out in front of a car.
    Seconds feel endless... ... ... and we get hit hard.
    Witnessed only by the glacial light of the stars.