• im falling so fastly
    i need someone here to catch me
    im dying...so slowly
    i need someone here to hold me.......

    tragedy is in the air
    its so thick but its so fair
    must i breathe
    must i....

    poison is in the dust and now its airborne
    i feel it in by veins and my flesh is torn
    vacancy is in me
    while solid is my heart
    must pull myself free
    though i'll go back to the start

    im falling....so fast
    this distance between me and the ground wont last
    i can see its coming towards me
    be happy, i pray for the sweet embrace, not the tragedy

    im dying....so slow
    i always knew thats how i'd go
    the poison seeped in through my pores
    whispering to me that i'll always be yours

    so as it sets i feel myself weaken
    but i'll tell you i have not been beaten.
    someone might not be here to catch me
    but i will always fall fastly
    someone might not be here to hold me
    while i die so slowly.