• Mother said never climb the wall.
    I gazed upon it then.
    It made me quite irritated.

    If you're so frustrated,dear,then climb the thing.
    Your mother won't know.
    Why don't you just go?

    I would feel guilty whenever she asks
    For she always asks at dinner,
    'Sweetie did you climb the wall?'

    Then don't do it, deary!
    Don't listen to him
    You're a good little girl,
    now aren't you Lynn?

    I am I swear!
    I wouldn't do a thing!
    Not against Mother dear.

    But how can she keep you here;
    when you really want to know?
    You'd be much better off knowing,
    Than not knowing at all.

    You're right, I do want to know.
    But my father even warned,
    'Be wary of the wall.'

    Your father is right,
    You should be wary of the wall.
    Not to mention the sounds that come from beyond.

    Yes they are quite frightening,
    The sounds almost animalistic.
    Maybe even Satan spawned

    Are you really going to be afraid?
    It's just sounds you're hearing.
    It's not like you're being attacked.

    Why should I be afraid of sounds?
    I am ferocious in my own being.
    I could make it alive.
    All I'm doing is climbing the wall.
    It's not like I'm going over it.

    But Lynn,
    You don't want to disappoint your mother,
    do you?

    she won't be disappointed at all,
    For she won't even know.
    I will Lie when she asks me so

    See, Angel,
    I have won
    Temptation was my tool.

    You're too strong,
    you will end up hurting her.
    She is only a young girl, Demon.

    I climbed the wall.
    For what I saw,
    It was not worth my demise.
    I would rather have lived
    Than accidentally fall off the wall.