• Despair overcame me, when I realized you were gone
    When at the end of the day, you were all I could count on
    I can’t even describe the sense of betrayal I had felt
    Or how my desperation could easily make me melt.

    Biting at the corner of my lip, I wonder what to do
    While trying to accept the fact, I no longer have you
    It’s hard letting something go when you wanted it so bad
    Especially, when it’s something your soul still wishes it had.

    God, if I came back a moment sooner you’d still be here
    And these words wouldn’t fall on yet another deaf ear
    I wouldn’t have to pretend I’m okay, when I know I’m not
    Guess this is what they meant by food for thought.

    My precious cheesecake, if only you could caress thine lips
    Along with the milk I would’ve taken in with leisurely sips
    I came home from work hoping to meet your loving embrace
    Yet, all I found was my niece stuffing you into her face.

    I guess for now this ends our chapter
    We didn’t get our happily ever after
    No chance to indulge in my guilty pleasure
    I can’t believe this kid stole my only treasure.