• I want to hold you close
    So close that our breath mingles
    That your eyelashes flutter on my cheekbones
    The scent of you to linger on my skin

    I want to kiss you
    To devour your mouth with mine
    Our tongues will intertwine
    And I will grip you to me

    I want to love you
    Your thin wrists and small waist
    I have to remind myself to hold back
    Afraid to lose my focus and control

    I am worried
    That your love will waver
    And even if I attempt to hold you
    That love will sink through my fingers
    Like tiny grains of rice

    Taking it further and further from me..

    I will push you away with my greediness
    I want my name be the last thing you whisper at night
    I want my mark on your flesh

    I want you

    Only if I could reach for you.