• “I’ve been single for years.”
    Have you ever wondered why?
    Ask yourself that next time you decide to post on social media.
    What are we?
    We are human beings.
    We are allowed to have emotions.

    “I want a girlfriend. It’s not fair that everyone else has one.”
    Not everyone has a girlfriend.
    Check into what it is that you are doing with your life.
    Are you too busy with your toys?
    No, not sex toys!
    Jeez, you people sure do have dirty minds!

    “I want a boyfriend. Why don’t I have one?”
    Maybe you have a potential boyfriend.
    Many guy friends often get ‘friend-zoned’.
    At least, that is what some people tend to call such a thing.
    You do not want to mess up such a good friendship.
    Okay, I get that.
    However, meanwhile, stop complaining.

    “Everyone else has somebody while I’m still single.”
    Not everyone has someone else.
    If they do have someone else, I am sure they want to choke them.
    Yes, I want to choke my husband sometimes.
    He drives me crazy!
    Oh, be quiet with the fact that I drive him crazy!
    I am not speaking about us.
    Oh wait.
    I am.
    Anyway, that is beside the point.

    “I want to do music. I need a girl to stand by cheering me on.”
    Do you now?
    Well, I have something for you.
    What you want often goes on the backburner.
    It does not matter how badly you want it.
    If it takes up too much time and effort,
    Throw it out the window.

    The lot of you do not understand.
    A lot of work goes into a relationship.
    You cannot just run off to the gym.
    First, feed and bathe your kid.
    Make sure your kid has a clean diaper.

    You come last.
    When you have finally finished everything,
    Are you tired?
    Then, forget gym or music or writing!
    It is time for you to get yourself to sleep.
    You work early, right?

    When you wake up,
    You want to do your make-up, right?
    Well, you will not always get to do this.
    A lot of women out there have make-up and a baby on the hip.
    These are women who have strict structure.
    I mean, they get up almost three hours before their shift.
    They do this every single day.

    Some people attend class reunions.
    Some people go out to party.
    Where is your kid?
    Oh right, with your parents.
    Maybe social media is at fault for making this seem so.
    Every single post I see about a woman with four kids,
    Going out to party,
    Yeah, what is with that?

    It feels like us married women do not get help.
    We are always the ones to pay for everything.
    However, some of us refuse to be the victim.
    The foolish go on having child after child,
    Doing so when they know full well they cannot afford it.
    Those women,
    I have found,
    Are the ones to get the help because they are single mothers.
    This is just plain foolish.

    Yes, I know!
    This is yet another talk sort of poem.
    Be quiet and deal with it!
    I am talking and you need to be listening.

    There are people who just do not get it.
    They have thickened skulls.
    Their brains have been taken over by terrible things.
    Some just want to fool around.
    Well, some of us are being serious.

    It is okay to play video games.
    It is okay to create music.
    It is okay to write.
    It is okay to go to the gym.
    However, it is not okay for these things to take so much of your time.
    Time management is something that needs to be learned.

    Oh, be quiet, you!
    Quit complaining because you get yet another lecture.
    Am I really someone who knows nothing?
    I think you had better consider things again.

    It takes time and effort to even begin to date.
    This is something I will one day teach my child.
    I will teach all my children.
    They will learn pretty quick that dating is not for everyone.

    Sometimes a simple seizure can cause a breakup.
    If you land yourself in the hospital,
    The guy could get scared and run for the hills.
    Money, sex, you name it.
    To have a relationship, there is loyalty and commitment behind it.

    White picket fence,
    Big house,
    Lots of children and animals,
    Sweet neighbors,
    Bright, sunny skies with a few clouds drifting by,
    Not everyone gets that.
    A lot of the time,
    It is not like that at all.