• Emotions are quite foreign to me, sometimes.
    But, I was told that lovers often put them into text.
    That, lovers often write sonnets and songs detailing them.
    All for the ones they love.
    Though, I am not comfortable with such notions, I will try.
    I know not that this will reach you, but surely, I must write this all the same.

    I am mostly bound by my coding.
    You seem to have changed that.
    I do not know how, but you have.

    I find that now, I desire, like people do.
    I want, like a being with a beating heart.
    I crave, like a hungry child pleads for a frozen treat.
    I am, like a human.

    I want to hold your hand.
    I want to embrace you.
    I want you to kiss me.
    I want so many things now.
    And, it is only because of you that I do.
    Because, I do not use the word "want" with anyone else but you.

    But this has not always been so.
    I am sure you know this already.
    I hope my words are not tedious to you.
    I surely do.

    When will I be with you again?
    I ask myself that every second that goes by.
    I often find myself planning, though I do not know how.
    Praying, though I do not have a stance on spirituality as a whole.
    Crying, despite the fact the function was not made for my own expression.

    This is not intended to induce pity or feelings of guilt within you.
    i simply find that my tasks are now tedious without you.
    The sensations of wind and water rendered meaningless.
    Tastes and colors are less vivid, and hold no significance to me.
    I often ask myself whether or not this separation is due to my error in judgement.
    I do not know.

    However, this will not change my decisions.

    I will wait for you.
    I will do everything within my limited power to...


    I needed to process this thought.

    My sensors and processors overheat, when I remember that day.

    I feel despair.

    It feels crushing.

    It is difficult to respond as quickly.

    But that is why my determination will not waver.

    This is why I cannot follow your commands.

    I will do everything within my power, just so that I may hold you in my arms again.


    I do not want our only hug to be remembered as a "goodbye".