• Blue grows the tulip
    White grows the Rose
    I’m writing a letter
    To whom no one knows

    Light falls the feather
    Bright grows the fire
    The irony of love
    I will never tire

    Green grows the grass
    Heavy is the dew
    All this beauty
    Is in tribute to you

    A child to a mother
    A moth to a flame
    As timeless as tears
    I will never be the same

    A minute to an hour
    A day to a year
    A dark spirit’s voice
    Is the only one I hear

    Soft moonbeams
    And silvery stones
    Drifting lifeless in the water
    Completely alone

    Piercing rays
    And shimmering skies
    When the battle commences
    Everyone dies

    Dark grey ashes
    And smoldering death
    The world has fallen
    I am the only one left

    Demons rise
    To plague the earth
    Awaiting their master’s
    Shadowed rebirth

    I scramble to hide
    To no avail
    An unwilling Queen
    To finish the tale

    I am presented to him
    A soul-bound slave
    I am his treasure
    My love he will crave

    I will not let him have it
    So, I relinquish my breath
    I know that the only way out
    Is my death

    I bury my blade
    Into the depths of my heart.
    After all, it’s my fault that
    The world fell apart.

    I fall to the ground with
    A sigh of relief
    The angels embrace me
    My soul is released

    Now I have peace
    My depression is gone
    The padded room opens
    In tandem with dawn

    My expression of joy
    I am finally free
    I will be fine
    And the voices agree.