• My name is life.
    Nice to meet you.
    Nice to bring you into this world.
    I am what creates you.
    What creates everything.
    Without me, you wouldn't be.
    Most people enjoy me.
    Some try to find ways to prolong me.
    Some abuse me.
    Some tend to end me purposely.
    That's something I fail to understand.
    I have no enemies.
    What about death?
    He is nothing to me.
    He is my end.
    But only for the time being.
    Don't be angry at him though.
    He's only doing his job.
    As I am doing mine.
    All is well though.
    I am filled with many problems.
    But I am also filled with great pleasures.
    Do not forget that.
    My name is life.
    I am short. So live me to my fullest.