Hmm, so this morning my step mom was taking me home. Nothing usual there she always does on monday morning (at least in the summer). Anyways, She says that she wants to talk to me and so before I stuck my other ear phone in I ask what she wasn't to talk to me about.

I swear to GAWD I thought I was going to blow a blood vessle in my head! She starts talking to me about how my dad hates it when I get on the computer and ignore him.

Um, ok. so NEWS FLASH! I am a TEENAGER! Not a little girl anymore and I'm sorry, you can go out in the great room and pout all you want, you can run like a little boy to my step mom and complain all you want. That's not going to change ANYTHING! So then what happens? I get in trouble because I was doing my own thing! So tell me, how is that fair?! What am I supposed to say? "Oh sorry dad for having fun and talking to my friends." ummmm lets see, how about "PISS OFF!" For gawd sakes all I ask is for a little bit of breathing room and he's like, not backing off!

So now, I only have TWO frinkin' hours on the computer! which is totally gay not to mention UNFAIR! One in the morning, and one in the afternoon. What the hell is up with that?!

IDK, but it's not going to be to much longer and I'm going to tell dad to go ******** himself.