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luna's jounal
my feelings; can be my day, poems, or anything else
The darkness was surrounding me all over. It felt lonely and that’s the way I had wanted it to be.

Something flashed in the back of my mind. A memory? It looked all too familiar.

It was a sunny day, the clouds were clear and I was outside in the front yard. I remember standing next to a beautiful woman who had brown hair, brown eyes, and also had pale skin. She looked a lot like me.

She was cheering “Go Mia you can do it!”

I was riding on a red bicycle going down the street that was in front of my house. I was just learning how to ride a bike. I was happy and I felt a warm feeling inside. The feeling felt so weird, it was something I was not use to. But it felt so nice.

The woman was cheering still. I looked back to smile at her. I was really happy.

Everything was going so well until I hit the hill of the street. The bike began to move faster and faster. I began to tremble and get scared.
“Mama!” I shouted out.
The word “Mama” pained me when this part of the flash back played in my mind.

It was a horrible day and it was a day I wanted so badly to forget about. For the most part and for the longest time, I did forget about it.

The bike was swerving now, and I didn’t have much control of it. My mom was running down the street chasing after me.
“Mia slow down!” I can hear her cries as I got closer to a busy street.

I tired to do what she had asked me, but I didn’t know to slow down. I tired to turn the bike to get myself on the sidewalk, but I hadn’t learned that part either.

I turned the handle bars way to fast which sent the bike flying forward, and sending me forwards falling in the middle of the street, the bike tumbling after me. I lay there in pain just staring up the street seeing my mother still running down the hill, chasing after me.

“Mia get out of the street!” I heard my mom pleading.
At the top of the hill there was a black truck that was speeding towards me. The guy wouldn’t be able to see from down there on the floor. I tired to do what my mom asked me, but I couldn’t move. The bike was caught around my leg, and I was pinned to the ground. I tired to move I didn’t want to be trampled on, but I had no way of escaping it.

I thought I would have died that day, I thought my life would be a short ten years. But something saved me. Two powerful hands grabbed a hold of the handle bars on the bike and thrust the bike off me. Then those two powerful hands took a hold over me and thrust me to the side out of the street and out of any danger. It sent me tumbling and rolling over.

The next thing that happened was way to fast. It was the screeched and burning of rubber ripping through the asphalt that brought me back to my attention to the driver and the truck. I heard a loud cry behind me, it lasted so long in that short five seconds of my life, but then it was just as short and gone in a flash. I turned my self around now facing the street.

I saw a beautiful woman with brown hair, and pale skin, trapped under a car. Blood staining the street from where she lay. I stared at her
“Momma!” I screamed crying from where I lay.

A tall man stepped out of the car. He was wearing a black shirt and shorts that went to his knees. He looked scary and all messed up. His eyes were red, and his hair was very untidy.

“Hew lwttle gwil. Why downt we keewp this secret” He put his finger up to his mouth to show me that to keep this a shush up.

This guy wanted me to keep this a secret? He just killed my mother and right before my eyes. I knew this guy didn’t care whether he had just token a life away.
I felt so powerless and helpless. My mother was dead in front of me, and her killer was getting away.

The tall man was returning to his car. I sat there watching him leave. He got into his car and shut the door.

He opened the door and saw me standing out side of it.
“What does yow want lwttle gwil?” I can smell his breath. It was bitter and strong with the scent of alcohol. He was a drunk!

I began to cry were I stood making him get out of his car and come to face me.
"Now shush up yow lwttle gwil. yow gonna get meh in trwoble" he was spitting in my face. the smell of alcohol burned my nose.

He gave me a little push to get me out of his way and then he started for his car again. This time I wasn't going to let him go. I ran up to him, tugging him by his arm. He spun around to find me hanging onto him.
"Get off!" he yelled at me. I refused to listen to him. I clenched harder into his arm making a slight puncture in his skin from my nail.

"Nice try wittle gwil that wont huwt meh" he began laughing at my feeble attempt.
But I didnt give up. I made he look at me. Once he stared into my eyes, he couldn't look away. He was trapped in my gaze and there was no way of him getting lose. I concentrated harder, and then with one last final glance he fell on the ground. He started jerking and moving around frantically screaming in pain. He looked like he was having a seizure.

That was the first time that I've ever done that. I had no idea that I could do something so brutal. I was scared, but the power that was surging and burning through my veins felt good, felt like it belonged in me.

I walked away remember seeing the guy lying there in the street struggling, trying to get a hold of him self, but it was to late. before the ambulance and the police can come to save him, he was dead just like my mother.

I promised myself from that day on that I would not do the same thing that I had did again. But it was a promise that I couldn't keep.

A few days later my aunt and uncle took me in. My dad was always away traveling and couldn't take care of me. After my parents divorced, My mom had full custody over me. When my mom died the judge asked if he wanted me. My dad simple answer and harsh words he said I will never forget were. "I don't want a monster for a daughter"

So I was left to my aunt and uncle. They were terrified of me. They were afraid I would kill them if I got angry. But I promised I wouldn't do it again.

A week after having me in their household they couldn't take it anymore. They were stressed out, and very paranoid. so they took me to a three story building that read orphanage, and had kids of all ages running around.

I remember meeting Mrs. Benkins. And I now remember my aunt and uncle pleading for her to take me in. Without any questions, because Mrs. Benkins "love kids" she took me in.

That was when my new life started, and that's when I knew that my life would be over.

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