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luna's jounal
my feelings; can be my day, poems, or anything else
The rain was hitting the window pane ever so gently.
The mom had just put her children to bed.
She tucked them gently under bundles of covers, kissing them gently on the forehead. Whispering “I love you” then with those last words before the children went to sleep; she walks out and shut the door leaving them behind.

Then the mom would then walk down those familiar halls she walks every night, making her way into her own room. She looks to her husband, wishes him a good night sleep. And tucks herself away under the covers.

Morning comes, and the rain was lightning up.
The mom wakes up, and walks down those same halls she had just done the night before.
Peering into her children room, she finds them sleeping ever so peacefully and ever so innocently. She thinks to herself, how wonderful kids are. How pure and innocent they are, and how much they look like angels. They are truly Gods children.
Without waking them up, she gently closes the door to her children’s room, and tiptoed all the way down to the kitchen.

In the kitchen she takes out a pan from the cupboard above, spraying butter all over it. next she walks over to the fridge and takes a cartoon of eggs out. She peers over the pan, and one by one cracks eggs open into the pan. Then the pan would begin to sizzle sending off a greasy but yummy sensation. The mom would then dispose the eggs shells into the trash can that stood right next to her. and went back to her work.

Ten minutes would pass, and you can hear the scurry and shuffling of the children running across the wood floor. They would walk into the kitchen cautious as to not scare their mother.
One of the kids would say "good morning mommy" while the other will walk up to her giving her a peck on the cheek. Then after the mom and the children exchange their good morning greetings. The husband and farther of the family, would walk in and kiss the mom passionately, showing his affection.
After he they were done. He then would look over the moms shoulder. smelling the yummy sensation that brought him downstairs and say "yum..... what smells so good?" then the wife would flash her husband a sincere smile and respond "its your breakfast."

After serving her husband his breakfast. she without a beat behind. would scurry back to the kitchen and whip up another round for her wonderful children. The children would be in the next room watching a cartoon. something innocent that didnt yet brainwash their minds.
you can hear the television speaking "1.....2......3......4......5..." They show was teaching the youngsters how to count. While the T.V show was talking, you can hear the kids talking in synchronise following the rythym of the t.v.
It brings a happy feeling to the mother.

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