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luna's jounal
my feelings; can be my day, poems, or anything else
The year had went by way so fast. Everyone was gathering around in the band room. getting ready for the graduation ceremony where the band would play Pop and Circumstances over and over again while the seniors would file up in nice rows in a routine they practice the day before and slowly getting up to walk and getting their diplomas.

"Gaby, come here and help me put up my hair" My friend called.

I walked over to her.

She was sitting in a chair that she pulled out of the band room. She sat looking up at me, with her blue sparkling eyes, her wet blond hair, and wearing a cute red checker dress.

"Aw Kari, you look so cute!" I squealed, she just turned red.

"No I don't" she muttered back "Now just help me put my hair up" I took the brush and a hair tie from her hands, and went to putting her hair up.

I pulled it back into a ponytail that sat upon her head high, leaving her bangs to dangle in her face, it looked very nice.

"Gaby shouldn't you pull her hair back? its kinda windy, and I'm sure kari wont like the idea of the wind blowing her hair into her face" Kori walked out into the back where kari and I were.

Kori and kari are twins. They aren't identical or anything, but people tend to get them mix up. They both have the same blue eyes that sparkle big making their expression on their face innocent and cute. however their appearance are alike, they are different.

Kori is very lay back and carefree, while Kari spends a lot of her time worrying and adding to much stress on herself.

so here we are in the back. I'm putting Kari's hair up and Kori watching, then the question came up.

"Where going to be seniors next year, and then were gonna be the ones to walk. How does that feel?" Kori asked

"I don't even want to start thinking about that!" Kari and I hissed together.

Kari, Kori and I met in freshman year when we started band camp. Kari was in my section, we both play the clarinet, and Kori was in my best friends Connie section, they both play the flute. I guess just from there on, we just clicked and became super good friends. that the thought in a year that we would be graduating scared us.

"Kari we need to start heading down to the field!" Our friend Andrew called out.

"Well I guess I better start going" Kari said looking to me and Kori

"Have fun playing the song Gaby" she laughed

"Yeah no thanks to you and Judy, I have to play our part alone! no rest for me!" I teased

"Well you don't have to stand in a line and just act nice and pretty while watching the seniors walk past you."

"Well we could have done that if we were in the top ten like you in the school, but were not freaks" Kori and I said.

Kari just walked off and followed Andrew to the field.

"Lets go inside the room" I told kori, i need to get my instrument out and my music ready.

When the whole band was ready, we headed down to the field and took our spot on the side where we would sit and play our songs over and over again. looking out into the stadium and seeing hundreds of eyes on us was pretty exciting. Our band normally plays in front of small audiences, so playing in front of all these people was getting my adrenaline up.

I sat alone in the front to the right side, no other clarinets to keep me company. kori was with her section. although she normally plays the flute, today she was with the saxophones, sitting in between Shawn and Irving.

Shawn is the guy i have liked for the past two years, and I'm almost positive he likes me back too, we are both juniors and well we have one more year together, its sad thinking about how this will be the last time we would be preforming at graduation together. I couldn't help but to be a little jealous that Kori was sitting next to him and talking to him. Irving on her other side is a freshman, and is very attractive, hes tall and has dark brown hair, and has the built of a model, he is one of the hottest guys in our school, no joke. But he always gives off the impression that he is pissed off at everyone. so its kind of hard to approach him at times. And he always seems rude, he glares at you, and is cold, and doesnt talk to anyone, actually he is quite a mystery although there have been times when i have seen his kind side. but he rarely shows it.

Shawn is about my height, hes 5'9, dark skin, and has short hair and hes also Asian, he has a very adorable smile, and hes cute. hes extremely kind to everyone and never gets upset, hes well rounded and everyone loves him.

so yeah here i am and I'm looking at Shawn the whole time and him talking to kori and I'm getting jealous, so i let my eyes wander and my eyes comes to Irving, i mean although hes always very cold and rude to me, he is something to look at. i don't know how long i was looking at him, but I'm sure it was for a while, because our eyes met, and he looked back at me, giving me a look as almost asking like what the heck do you want. I turned around slightly embarrassed. i decided it was best not to look over in Shawn's and Kori's direction in fear that Irving would glare at me again.

It was time for the seniors to get up and get their diploma, and it was my time to play the clarinet part all by myself, man was i dreading it, i would be playing the same thing over and over again until all the seniors were done. it was going to be a long tiring process.

When all the seniors got their diploma, we had to gather all our music and our instruments together and head off the field and back to the band room. where afterward meet up with the seniors in the quad

"Would there be someone kind enough to take the Tuba up to the band room for me?" My teacher Mrs. Thompson asked.

I looked around, no one offered to help her out. so i shouted "i'll do it!"

"Oh thank you Gaby, that's very kind of you. i will take your clarinet for you so its not so heavy" she took my clarinet and headed off the field, i fumbled with the tuba in my hands, trying to carry it in the best possible way. one thing about tubas are though, they are very heavy to carry.

I started walking off the field, Kori walking to my side,

"Why are you carrying the tuba?" she asked me

"Oh Mrs. Thompson needed help. so..." i responded almost dropping the tuba, but then setting it down before it hit the ground.

Shawn ran right past me and headed for Andrew.

I thought he would have offered to help with the tuba, but i guess no.

I heaved the tuba up and started walking up the ramp.

"Gaby" i heard my name from behind. i turned around to see Irving

"Yes" I responded not knowing what he wanted.

"I'll carry the Tuba for you" He offered.

"No its alright I got it" I said very stubbornly.

"Don't be crazy, I will carry it, your a girl after all" he said grabbing the tuba away from me and walking off fast before I can respond.

"Well that's nice of him" Kori responded walking off

"But I had the tuba!" i shouted to her angry that he thought I couldn't handle it

"Just let him, he is a guy and now you don't have to carry it." she said walking in front of me

I felt bad that he had to carry it now because of me, i didn't want him to think i was weak.

there were to many people around trying all to walk up at once up the ramp. i collided into my teacher.

"Oh hello Gaby, are you excited for summer vacation?" Senora Verdugo asked

"yeah i am although I'm sure most of the time i will be working" i responded, i saw that she wasn't really paying attention to me though.

"Oh wow look at that instrument" senora Verdugo said, looking over to Irving with the tuba

"Isn't that big?" she asked me

"yeah i was suppose to carry it up, but he took it from me, i feel slightly bad that he has to carry it." I said looking back at him and guilt seeping it

"Don't be! hes a guy, if he offered to take it up, then its his fault, and you know what he did the right thing, guys are suppose to do the hard work girls cant do." she said leaving ahead of me

"i can do it myself" i muttered stubbornly to myself, seeing how my teacher left.

when we got to the band room, Irving was in the back of the room playing the piano.

"Hey Gaby" Shawn came up to me.

"Hi Shawn, whats up?" I asked smiling.

"I have something i want to tell you after we say bye to the seniors" he said kinda nervous.

"OK i will see you in a little" i said running out of the room and going to look for my friend Judith to say congratulations .

when i found her, she was surrounded by everyone. getting swamped by hugs and crying friends,

"Judy!" I screamed jumping to hug her and almost sending her over

"Hi Gaby" she smiled.

"Oh my gosh, i cant believe you graduated!" i said hugging her

" i know" she responded

"Hey Judith" a voice said behind me

I let go of her to see who it was. it was Irving

"Hi" she responded smiling.

Judith had always kind of liked Irving, or well a little. but who can blame her, although his cold attitude tends to send people away from him, he was really good looking and often time the girls really like him.

"congratulations" he said giving her a big hug. almost just holding her in an embrace, which I'm sure she loved every moment of it.

I don't know why but all of a sudden jealousy came in me and i got angry.

after hugging her, he let go and walked away.

I quickly calmed myself down and smiled to her, she looked at me, then away, then back at me and blushed.

"Shut up Gaby" she said smiling.

"i didn't say anything" I responded jokingly.

"But you were thinking something" she smiled.



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