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luna's jounal
my feelings; can be my day, poems, or anything else
-Hanine POV-

After the bell had rung students were still out of their seats and talking to each other. My face still buried into my arms. I was pretty sure Aiden was still sucking that one chic’s face. I waited patiently for our homeroom teacher to enter.

It took about five minutes after class started for him to enter. A man in his early twenties, and one that wasn’t half bad in looks, walked in telling all the students to take their seats.

“Hey class I want to introduce someone to the class” The teacher began.
Oh crap I thought. I’m going to have to introduce myself.
“We have a new student. Give her your attention and please be respectful. So Hanine please come up here” He said. Then everyone turned to look at me.
“Um…. Hey I’m Hanine Devine” I looked around to the class all eyes looking up at me.

I just stood there not knowing what else to say.
“Well if that’s all then you can take your seat” The teacher said nicely. I was sure he would be one of my favorite teachers here. “Oh my name is Mr. Carson Hanine” I just nodded showing I heard him.

“So do I have anyone that will be willing to show Miss Devine around?” Mr. Carson asked looking around for a volunteer. No one raised their hand except for this boy that sat in the front row.

“I will be glad to show Miss Devine around” The boy said.
“Thank you Bruno.” Mr. Carson responded.

I just looked over to the guy Mr. Carson agreed to show me around to. He was pale like me, but had brown shaggy hair, but it didn’t fall into his face and he was nicely built, slender. Actually he was rather cute. But almost like a nerd in a way. But a cute one, at least he seemed nice, and respectful I thought. I walked past him, he gave me a small smile I returned it, and walked over to my seat near the window….. And next to Aiden.

The first class went by pretty smoothly. All we did was talk about up coming events and new clubs that the school was starting. It was pretty much a lay back period.

When the bell rang I gathered all my stuff together, Took my ipod out of my pocket and plug the earphones in. I then turned up the volume full blast and tuned out everyone and everything around me.

Walking out of the classroom I took my class schedule out, looking down at it I saw that I had AP lit next. With Mrs. Benson, room 112.

I saw everyone walking in different directions and everyone going about their on ways. I looked at my schedule once more, and saw that the passing periods were seven minutes long. All my other schools the passing periods were five minutes. I guess I can get use to this.

"Hey excuse me" I said walking up to some random student.

"Yes?" she asked a little to ruefully.

What I hadnt notice was she was that one chic in homeroom that was sucking face with Aiden and sitting on his lap.

"Um.... never mind" I said just wanting to get away from her before she recognized me.

Turning around I collided with no one other than Aiden.

"crap" I muttered under my breath. Man did I have bad luck I thought.

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