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luna's jounal
my feelings; can be my day, poems, or anything else
The door opened. Hiro walks back into the room. I tried to quickly hide the picture in my hands. I didnt want it to look like I was prying.
"What do you have behind your back?" Hiro asked walking towards me.
"Not-thing" I stuttered backing into the bed.
"Give it here" He demanded.
"Its nothing I told you" I said trying to hide it further, and out of his sight.
"Show me what you have" He started to yell.
"I'm serious Hiro its nothing." My stuttering getting worse.
"Give it to-" Plump, I had fell backwards onto the bed. Hiro hovering above me.
My face started to turn a deep scarlet red. Hiros cold body up against mine.
"Hi-ro"I stuttered again. "can you please get off of me" I said trying to look away from his eyes.
"No i think i will stay like this a little longer. Its quite comfortable" He said leaning in.
"Hiro get off of me!" I started pushing and punching. but it was like punching a granite wall. so cold and hard. I did more damage to my self then i did to him.

"Hiro!" I screamed. I was starting to get scared. This was not like Hiro, he was acting so strange.
"What?" He asked annoyed.
"What are you doing?" I asked trying to see if i could get him to go back to normal.
"Nothing, im just laying here." he said with a teasing voice.
"on top of me?" I asked in sarcasm.
"Well i figure i will stay here until you me the thing your hiding behind your back" He answered with an eyebrow cocked up.

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