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holly doll
i plan to write about whatever i feel like writing about (gosh)
3nodding Mare continued writing " why cant you just stay put" he said through gritted teeth. this wasn't the first time i had tried to 'leave' " well i didnt mean to fall off the roof" i huffed " i just want to get out of this stupid place, but you wouldn't understand" i got up from the couch and walked towards the door. i felt a horrible tang of pain surge through my left leg, i let out a small whimper. Mare stood up and helped my back to the couch. He examined my lag, pressing his hand down in it in different up and down my leg, he pressed down on my thigh and lets just say it hurt alot "oh god,right there. it hurts" i could tell he was getting angry
"one of there days you're going to kill yourself"
"yea right" He called to Marious who silently entered the room." take her back to her room" I was once again lifted from the couch and carried down the hall.
"what are you, my eternal babysitter?!" after making it back to my room instead of leaving as he usually did, Marious stayed behind, quietly watching me as I sat at my deck drawing, as i always did. He walked over to the desk and ripped my drawing away from me. i lunged for it but instead tumbled over onto the floor, having forgotten about my leg
" what are you drawing anyway?" he pranced around my room as if he was king of the world " give it back!" when he came my way i stuck my foot out and sure enough 'thump' that bid head of his came tumbling down. I let out a triumphant laugh "thats what you get, and if you must know i'm drawing Tristan" tristan was my best friend when i was a child living in england with my father, and when I came here and had to leave tristan behind, the only thing that kept me going were the memories I had of my best friend, and so I wouldn't forget anything about him I drew Tristan almost every day.
Marious got up and jerked me to my feet and then, rubbing his head he went back to his place on my bed and flopped down " why do you always draw that stupid kid, he's probably dead by now" I wanted to sock that jerk, right in the face, maybe i'd break his nose. After discovering that my father was a 'killer' Mare decided it would be best to 'get rid of' all of the people from my past " your lying, he'd get away from anyone mare sent his way" i couldn't bring myself to believe Tristan was gone, i'd never accept it.

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