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holly doll
i plan to write about whatever i feel like writing about (gosh)
hey ^ ^ well i guess i'd like to be apart of your rp (duh) and it doesnt really say in there but i'd like to be the "sweetheart" ^ ^

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Watch your hands, I'm: female
My birthday:2-19-1993 (i'm 16 >.< wink
My preference?: guys
I know it's not amazing but...: I'm not all bad, My parents left me at an orphanage when i was little so i dont remember them much. Shortly after my eighth birthday I was adopted by my foster parents , and their nice enough I guess. I mean I'm not one to complain but from what I heard from friends theyre a bit harsher than most, but I'm grateful for what i have. At school i've always tried my hardest, I'm aiming for a scholarship for college, I'm not sure how i'll be able to pay for it with just my after school job at the pet shop down the street from my house, the bunnies there are just the cutest! i'm been hulling my own weight for as long as i remember so i'm good at being on my own, but i do get lonely, sometimes i just need someone.
I've always been a bit shy around other people adn i'm a really good listener when i choose to be. I've always been able to make friends, I guess i'm just lucky. As far as looks go i'm not a very good judge, but i'm not ugly, i've been told i have very pretty blue eyes, they go good with my shoulder length red hair. I am also short short short! like five two... i think, oh well, I'll live.

My style, deal with it: Like i said i'm shy, but i can be fun, but i'm not good at parties, mostly i'd like to curl up next to someone and read a good book. Warm, quiet places. thats where i like to be. I also hate being around people who are upset. It might seem nosey, but if you seem down, i'm the one askin about it, i try to make people feel better and hate when others worry about me because i'm too worried about them. I guess if i was put in a genre i'd be a book worm, sorry to say it, but its true ^ ^
My favorite!: I love cuddly things (bunnies!), music and theatre( even though i freeze up in front of crowds), the color purple, and rain, I LOVE the rain
You don't know me..: i hate bugs, public speaking( wahhh!), bullies, and computers (i'm electronically retarded)
Here's a neat thing: I'm great at drawing, or so i've heard
My genre: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ofeDruIwTM
Also, meet my master surprised verkill preamble

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