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holly doll
i plan to write about whatever i feel like writing about (gosh)
Marious carried me back around the front of the huge mansion. Even if I did hate it here, anyone would have to admit it was beautiful. The outside was made entirely of brick and ivy grew up the walls like a soft, green lace. the many windows were mostly mad of beautiful stain glass images of our family tree. they went from me all the way back to my great grandfather who built the mansion. It was a bit like snow white's cottage, but huge.
He opened the huge front doors with ease, swiftly bringing me into the beginning of the many hallways that filled the house. He tapped lightly on the ever so familiar door into Mare's study "come in" said the cold snakelike voice of my cousin. We entered the small room. It's walls were filled to the brim with all kinds of books and documents, and the small patches of wall that you could see were a painted a deep purple. My cousin was sitting in a huge chair in the middle of the room, writing vigilantly on a small piece of paper among the many that inhabited his desk
"what did you do now cressidia?" Mare lifted up his head to reveal the set of dazzling blue eyes that had been hidden by the long, lightning blond hair that draped over his face. Before i had time to respond Marious chimed in. ''she jumped off the roof"
"again" Mare let out sort of a sigh, sort of, he never really showed any sympathy towards my 'accidents' nowadays ''set her down there" Marious plopped me onto the couch across from the desk and was then shooed away by his master. As he closed the door. i heard the click of the outside lock. "you dont have to lock it you know!" i shouted after him "if you haven't noticed, I CANT WALK!!"
"there's no meed to shout Cressidia" my attention was once again diverted to my cousin.

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