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holly doll
i plan to write about whatever i feel like writing about (gosh)

i got up early this morning, hoping to get time with him alone. spotting the bench where we sat every day. i skipped over to the place where there would soon be a loud group of obnoxious teenagers ... yup, thats us. "hey tiny" he laughed as i snuck up from behind and wrapped my arms around him "i cant ever sneak up on you can i?" he laughed "yes i'm a super ninja" still clinging to him, i noticed the texture of his jacket "its so soft" i ran it across my face "the insides soft too, would you like to feel it?" i gave a little nod then climbed into the layers of clothing, pressed against his chest he wrapped me up into a lung crushing bear hug "cant... breath" he kept his grip on me "five more seconds... four.. three... two.. one" i felt the air rush back into my lungs i looked up at him, he was at least a head taller. "wait... whats your name again?" wow... i'm such a tard
he laughed at my oh-so-silly question "zack"
"well hello zack" i gave him a bright smile. only he could make me so peppy this early in the morning. the sun had just risen over the grassy hillside to the east of the dorm building. the two of us strode over to a nearby bench and sat down, i closed my eyes and leaned my head on his shoulder, i could hear the sound of zack's warm breath as he exhaled
then the silence abruptly broke as the half shriek- half laugh made me jump up from my place "ZAAAAAAACK!" veronica happily bounced over to us and plopped herself down where i had just recently sat. she swung her arms tightly around his neck. it looked more like she was trying to strangle him rather then give a hug. "wow, hi veronica" zack said in-between gasps of air "I'M SO HAPPY SO SEE YOOOU!" releasing her grip from zacks neck she turned towards me "hi snow, could you hold this for me?" then a large pink plaid bad was shoved into my arms "i'm not a coat rack" i said with a smirk, dropping the bag at veronicas feet. zack laughed at my remark and my cheeks turned slightly pinker.

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