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holly doll
i plan to write about whatever i feel like writing about (gosh)
i turned to him" can you please just go away?!" he shook his head and walked over to the balcony, he leaned his back against the brick wall and ran his hand through his cherry blond hair. i hated the way everything made him look perfect. he held out his hand to me "stop trying to resist me, you stupid child" he swooped over me and wrapped his huge arms around me " i dont to hear any more of your s**t" i socked him in the gut and stomped back into my room locking the glass doors behind me. i heard balo let out a triumphant laugh. god he thaught his smart-a** jokes were so clever "why dont you and your perfect self go jump off the balcony!" he ran to the edge " as you with, i'm only here to serve" and with that he jumped, i would have pushed him myself it it did any good. that guy is a total freak, its like nothing can kill him.
i heard balo climbing the stairs to my room once again, he slipped back inside and returned to his place flopped onto the bed "well that was refreshing" he said with a smirk. " you really are like the most annoying 'thing' i've ever met! you robot freak" the smile on his face vanished. "i'm the freak?" he slowly got up and walked over to me, then before i could react, pulled out a dagger and plunged it deep into my left shoulder. i winced as the sparks flew from the open gash.
i rolled up my sleeve, revealing the spiraling black tattoo swirled up and down my entire arm, then looked up to where the dagger had entered my mechanic arm "damn you" i whispered, but Marious was gone, as he should be.

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