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Stuff from my heeead..
Here's where I'll be taking things that come into my head and putting them in words on this here site for people to see.
I miss my friend. T_T
sad I feel so clingy. >.< I wish I were better at making friends. I don't
want to feel like I'm crying out for attention but I feel so lonely now
that my friend is gone. crying I hate being at school because it's so
embarassing to have to sit at lunch alone every day. 48 minutes is a
LONG time when you're alone.
I wish my friend didn't have to leave. I wish they could just stay here
in highschool with me forever and everything would be fine and dandy.
I wish I had someone to talk to when I was having a bad day but it's
not the same if they're not really here. "E-hugs" will never be
as comforting as the real thing.
I didn't realize how dependant I was on you until you left. I hate feeling
so alone...

I MISS MY FRIEND!!! crying crying crying crying crying crying crying

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Ninja Nise
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Aug 24, 2009 @ 07:27pm
crying I miss you too!!

I found out that I'm allowed to have 8 overnight guests a semester, so I'm gonna see when my roommate goes back home again, and you guys can come over. : D

commentCommented on: Wed Aug 26, 2009 @ 12:00pm
biggrin If your ever having a bad day, you can talk to me. I know I'm not her, but I hate seeing you sad. sad You are so much better than you think you are. biggrin Jeff

Gorobei Katayama
Community Member
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