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Her thoughts are not just mere ramblings... they're her heart and soul...
Falling Star - Prologue
((I decided to do a rewrite with some of the changes I've made in Elizabeth's life. Hope you guys won't be disappointed.))

The sky was gray, it had been raining for a while, but now had dwindled itself down to a drizzle. It had been doing that on and off for the past couple of hours. A pair of eyes, just old enough to be fascinated by such things, watched the water fly off of the tires of the car next to them. It was the first one she’d seen in a while, and was sadly disappointed when it turned off of the road they were travelling upon. The seven year old girl sighed and leaned her head against the SUV door. She was bored. The ride from their house to Grandma and Grandpa’s was always a long one, and she often got bored on such trips. She had already colored three pages in her coloring book, and had played every car game known to man, in her opinion. Well, all except for twenty questions. Mommy and Daddy hated playing that game with her.

The seven year old girl in question was named Elizabeth Nichole Michelle Greyfox. She was a talented young witch, for a seven year old, and a very curious child. While other little girls her age were taking dance lessons, she was learning the most basic of spells. Despite the differences between her and her friends, and the fact that she had to keep her life a secret, she was a happy child; except for at that moment. “Are we almost there?”

Her mother, a tall woman with long brown hair and striking blue eyes, turned around in her seat and smiled. “Yes honey, just twenty more minutes, can you hang on that long?” Not many people could believe that Roxanne Greyfox was a mother to a curious first grade kid. She was beautiful and young, vibrant and full of life. She was definitely not the poster child for what a woman with a young child should look like. Yet if you asked her daughter, she was the best mommy in the entire world and no one could ever take her place.

“I guess so.” Elizabeth answered her mother in a tone that reflected her dislike for her mother’s query. She failed to notice the amused smile that skittered its way across the older woman’s face as she turned back around. Elizabeth never ceased to remind her mother of her father. She never let her opinion of things go unnoticed, whether intentionally or not. She was also always on the verge of getting into trouble, intentionally or not. And if she wasn’t finding trouble, it was never far behind her.

“Don’t worry, Lilly-Bee. I’m getting bored too.” Her father looked at her in the rear-view mirror. His brown eyes locked on her identically colored ones and she nodded. Elizabeth looked almost exactly like her father. No one would ever mistake her for being someone else’s child, unless of course that someone else was her grandfather; her father’s father. Elizabeth looked everything like the Greyfox that she was. Her mother adored it and her father was more proud of that fact than he’d ever admit. Elizabeth was a much beloved child by her parents, and they always made sure she knew that.

But their paradise was to be short lived. There were plans in the making in the world that would shatter their little self made utopia in mere seconds. Joseph and Roxanne Greyfox new this, and despite their laughter and smiles, the imminent danger that hounded them was ever present in their minds. Their only hope was that Elizabeth would never know what was going on when she went off by herself to play, or when she laid her head down to sleep at night. Also, that she would never find out how close she was to living in a world of war in her own backyard.

The sky suddenly grew darker as the rain started to come down harder. Once again they were driving through a downpour. Lizzie knew that sooner or later it would begin to fade again and the drizzle would continue, so for now she watched the water bounce off of everything it touched. She found it odd the way that worked. It was never solid enough to stay in her hand, but it was able to bounce off of things like a rubber ball. Rubber balls stayed in her hand, why didn’t rain?

At that moment all thoughts were thrown from her poor little mind as her mother yelled, “Joseph, look out!” There was the squealing of breaks as her father slammed on them. The car hydroplaned and began to spin out of control. Everything seemed to turn to slow motion in front of the younger girl’s eyes as her mother turned around and told her to hold on. She braced herself, but ended up accidentally opening the car door instead of holding onto something solid. Somehow her seatbelt let go of her and she was thrown by the force of the spin. For a moment she was sailing through the air, and then she hit the ground hard. She cried out in pain as she felt her arm break before her head hit the soggy earth. She saw stars, but also felt warmth envelop her. Her mother’s magick surrounded her.

She lay there in the grass, her arm and head hurting. “M-mama…” She called out for her mother quietly, trying to hold back tears like a big girl. But it hurt so badly. She sniffled and tried calling out again, but to no avail. Why didn’t her mother answer her? Where was she? What had happened? Questions filled the child’s mind as she tried to move her arm. She cried out once again in pain and began to sob. “MAMA!” She screamed for her mother this time, screamed at the top of her lungs. Still she was alone, or so she thought. She heard footsteps and prayed that it was her mother coming for her.

She soon realized that it wasn’t her mother as the figure loomed over her. The tears in her eyes made him blurry at first, but as she blinked she saw him… or his eyes at least. They were cold and gray, nothing like her mama’s or daddy’s. She whimpered as she watched him pull a blade from his side. Her daddy had had one like it; she recognized the symbols engraved in it. This was a dangerous knife, one that her daddy had told her never to even go near. She began to try to pull herself away with the arm that wasn’t hurt. “Ah, ah; no need to be running away.” The voice was smooth and deep, everything a bad guy’s voice would be in her mind.

“N-no! Go away!” Elizabeth cried, her deep, brown eyes moving from the dagger to his eyes. He intended to kill her, she knew it. He grabbed her by the shoulder and brought the dagger to her neck. In one last attempt to get away, she tried to move. The end result was a searing pain in her face as the dagger cut up the side. But this pain was more than a gash; it was a fire as well. Magick coursed its way into the wound. Miraculously though, she could hear sirens quick approaching.

There was a curse from the man and he let go of her. “Let the magick have its way with you then, Greyfox. You’ll never survive to tell this tale.” He said as he disappeared from her side. She didn’t care though, she was crying in pain, screaming in agony. Her entire body was wracked with pain from the wound he’d inflicted. She knew that she’d be saved shortly, somehow. She knew that the sirens wouldn’t let her down. But she didn’t care, she hurt, she wanted her mama.

As the pain grew, she began to sink into unconsciousness. She could feel her mother’s magick trying to combat the magick that the wound had let in. It was painful and she wanted it to stop. Her only relief was the black that was quickly spreading across her vision as she let her body take over for her mind. As she fell asleep, she could hear two whispers; her mother and her father in each ear. “We will always love you.”

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