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Her thoughts are not just mere ramblings... they're her heart and soul...
Ivalice Alliance Invisionfree Profile
Username: Lillybits
Name: Elizabeth Nichole Michelle Greyfox
D.O.B.: Nov. 5th, 1990
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Or Witch, if you prefer it)
House: Former Scorpio, Current Gemini
Position: Magistrate
Job: How about a little bit of everything with a bunch of spells thrown in? wink
Abilities: Magic, Mediumship
Appearance: Standing at 5'2", at first Elizabeth is everything short of intimidating. It's her wide, deep brown eyes that throw people off their security. If her features don't show her thoughts and emotions, her eyes certainly do. Her hair is long and brown, some days laying straight, others in soft waves. Being rather short, Elizabeth is of a medium build and is rather well endowed in the chest area. Her arms and legs are rather long, her torso short. She has a slighly upturned nose and full lips. There's a birthmark between her shoulder blades in the shape of a fox head, and a scar around the outside of her left eye in the shape of a crescent with a silver sheen to it.
History: Elizabeth was born into a loving Wiccan family with many Wiccan friends in a wonderfully sheltered Wiccan life. That was until she was seven and her parents were killed in a "freak car accident." She then grew up in her grandparents' mansion where she befriended their ward Sarah Arnette. The two became fast friends. Then, upon finding Naomi Stanton a year later, they became a close knit trio of witchlings. At the age of twelve she lost her grandmother to another "freak car accident." This turned her grandfather into a strict, overbearing man. At the age of 16, Elizabeth left home with her two friends to live on their own, taking her girlfriend of three years, Danielle Ravynwulf, with her. At the age of eighteen she lost Danielle to "a racist shooting." Broken and lost, the innocent girl Elizabeth was is now but a mask for the vengeful and angry girl she is. However, upon finding the bitter heart, one Chris Wytehowse rescued her from a life full of hate by adopting her as his surrogate sister and bringing her back to a world that would both accept and love her for who she was. First she shot through the ranks of Scorpio to become Arbiter. After a time she became homesick and left them without word, including her new beloved drow, Jarlaxle. Unfortunately, coming home was nothing she expected. Feeling she wasn't at home in New Orleans, she returned to Ivalice to find open arms in Gemini with her beloved and his crew, becoming the Magistrate for Artemis. This is where she resides, happy and much softened by the companionship and caring she's found in those around her.
Ten Facts About Me:
1.) Until you know my past, you don't know me.
2.) I love books with a passion.
3.) I'm the biggest mother hen you'll know.
4.) If there's a glint in my eyes, be on the lookout for trouble.
5.) I may look innocent, but Innocence is Overrated.
6.) Music soothes the savage soul.
7.) I'm a firm believer that love conquers all.
8.) My friends ARE my family, you break their hearts I'll break your neck.
9.) I'll say I'm fine whether I am or not. Deal.
10.) Don't insult my intelligence. It will only end badly.

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