Okay, so what I would want in a game is something has alot of customization, has a anime look, something with a main story, a combo system, unique classes, bosses, secret bosses, and random events. I'm gonna explain to you why I want those things in a game.

Customization: I like looking diffrent from among the others, I like being known for a certain about my avatar or character. I wouldn't want things that have like nose depth and hieght or chin width. I just want something with a numerious kinds of colors, eyes, races, hair, and ofcourse mouth. I alwaus loved my character with a smirk or grin, since I think it looks awesome on anyone. Maple Story was the only game that had that kind of customization but you needed to spend REAL money. You didn't even had enough points to get more than one item and they even had a experation date, the ******** was that about? Why not put a amount of items that you can have at one time? Anyways, when I was maybe like 14 or 13 I went to my friends house and he had Champions of Norath and the cool thing about that game is that they had races that had their own individual look. I think I picked a wierd race like dark elf or something, after you picked that race you could mess with the color of the skin and the kind of skin they had, so if dark elfs had dark spirals on their body, you could've made them into a diffrent shape and mess with the color. It was so awesome when this game I played had a tiger and a wolf race, you could mess with the fangs and the eyes, it was pretty neat. I wish they made more animal races along with human and sub-human. Now for review of what I said about customization. 1. I want games that can make you very distinguished from other people easily. I also would like diffrent races, wolves, bears, humans, elfs, and so on. On top of the races I would also like to change them a little bit also.

anime look: I played Maple Story, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of phantasia, Mabinogi, Dungeon Fighter Online, and alot of other games that had a anime art style to it, I love them all but all lack somethings in there games. I loved Maple Story for its facial expressions and the chibi look to them, then I like tales of symphonia for it's mature/anime look (also goes with Dungeon Fighter). I like games like this because I love anime and would never grow tired of it, and because it's diffrent then games that try look as realistic as they can. I would like adult anime game with anime monsters and a cartoony look, I'm use to it and personally love it to death.

Interface: Most of the video games I played have 'alright' H.U.D. to it all but none of them exactly feel homely, I'd like something where you can click and drag, like Maple Story lol. Health and Mana seem to be the biggest things in RPGs but my god they shouldn't have it take 3/5th's of the screen. I'd prefer to something where I can see more of the game than what people are saying and how much mana I just wasted on slime or whatever. The interface should be understandable to even a 10 year old, it may seem like it's really stupid but on the contrary, it would be more comfortable. Hotkeys for RPGs always have goofy a** buttons. Quests being P and Skills being a ridiculous letter like J. The ******** does the J stand for? I'd prefer hotkeys to relate to the button as closely as they can. Quests being B because it's a book, Skills being P because of the word Power.
Another way around this is to have all MMOs to have a layout for every game that's the same. Then whenever you play something else, the only thing that's changing is the story and the game play. Don't tell me that it wouldn't work because there's at least 13 keys that aren't used on the keyboard in most games. Yes, I mean actual number keys and letter keys, not the windows button, you smart a** lol.

Gameplay: (NEXT TIME?)