Random entry #2

Every get that message where Flynn goes," HEY! A friend's birthday is coming up biggrin " Then you check and you have no idea who the hell that person is? Is it just me? >> << Not that my friends aren't awesome :3 Cuz they are, which is y I put them on my profile with my random comment on all of them. Which I need to edit as I have more awesome friends lol Rayne and...super d? Idk I keep forgetting his username. Anyways, on my profile they're fighting just like they do irl! XD It's funny, you need popcorn half the time too to fully enjoy it. DUDE! If you need a good laugh, go search "I'm not coming to your party girl" by 3oh!3 It's so funny! I'm listening to it right now just so I can show my friend later, yet I keep forgetting D: How lame is that? Cause dude, he randomly starts singing in this voice and sounds like he's trying to get laid or something. It's just funny, to me anyways.

*sigh* Thing that sucks though is how my mom installed the new list of chores. Got a list for each of us (my family) Deciding it'll help us or something IDK But it's the same chores from before so no complaining really *shrugs* I can't get on unless I'm done with all of them, which sucks even more as when I'm finally home I have to help bro with his homework, do my homework, then do my chores. Leaving me two hours or so till bedtime. It's ssooooo lame. T.T LOL I just saw the 7th anniversary (wow that's spelled weird) And it was a awesome video, love how they passed it to each other and everything 3nodding

Hmmm...should I end this entry here? Nahhhh I'm in the mood biggrin I love randomly doing this, not sure how I came up with it but I just did. I freaking love it too lol Whoops, just said I love it twice XD WELL hell now I'm waaayyy behind on one of my rps..one sec me go post. *posts* Phrew, that was a lot o.o In one of my roleplays I'm this chick named Ryuu. Ryuu is some demon that helps the main bad guy Tarik. Right now...we have Traik fainted from a potion of some sort. And like, six guardian guys trying to find him. Leaving Ryuu having to go through all these guys to protect this Tarik guy as he sleeps peacefully D: However, so far I'm handling the situation pretty well. mrgreen

My sister made an account on here, she has like a long password since I don't want her to get hacked. She's trying to get on hers more then me just to mess with me, it's like -.- "wtf?" THEN she goes saying Gaia is just a game. She might be seven but I always get mad at that s**t, gaia is my second life. If destroyed, my life will crumble horrifyingly. Probably won't make sense to the reader, but w/e. This a random entry, usually random isn't that logical. Alright, well I spent one of my hours on typing this..sooo I guess I'll type another one later. Thanks for reading or w/e biggrin