Hello world of Gaia, world of regular people, and Lucy, my good friend.

Uuuum...what to talk about today.....Well, let's see. I won first place in my taekwon do tournament in the patterns bracket. For those of you who don't understand what that means, basically, I won. That's all you need to know razz

Anyhow, today, beyond that tournament, was fairly uneventful. I work at Oriental Delight, but I feel like no one would really know where that is exactly...Long story short, it's a buffet/take out/restaurant place that I work at. Very Chinese and whatnot. If nothing else, it's work experience, and I do need work experience where I can get it in this day and age.

Well, that's really it for now. For Lucy, if you're reading this, <3 you mah bestest buddeh.

Today's fun fact: I was not actually supposed to participate in the tournament. I just so happened to be thrown into the patterns bracket and I won gold...leedle.