• I run to the door,
    Hurrying to get the person inside.

    I throw the door open,
    Snow whipping at my already-cold face,
    Squinting to see their face.

    Warmth comes back as the door is forced shut,
    I look upon his frosty face,
    Red from stinging snowflakes,
    Cold from the icy wind.

    He comes near me,
    Smiling bright,
    He wraps his frozen arms around my still-thawing body,
    I am not cold though,
    Something deep within me is glowing.

    'I missed you'
    He says in my chilled ear.

    'Missed you to.'
    I reply,
    Shivering and smiling.

    His icy breath tickles and cools my face,
    And we get ready to spend our first Christmas together.