• The snow is falling upon the ground
    The house is silent, no one makes a sound
    Until a harsh, thud noise sounded from the room
    And I’m absolutely sure one was a hoof.

    The sound of boots sloshing through the snow
    A jolly voice echoing through my ears, saying “Ho,Ho,Ho”
    I can’t believe it, he came! He got my letter
    I hope that I get that rockin’ sweater

    Quickly, I lay under my covers
    Trying my best not to wake my brothers.
    I heard steps in living room and munching of some sweets
    I am so glad Santa got some Eats

    The next morning, my mother was screaming
    My sister was crying and my father was steaming
    That was not Santa that slipped through the chimney,
    But that crook on the loose with that tat that read Jimmy