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  • Artist Info: Hmmm, well for starts I am a Gemini so therefore, I am a breeze at many things, but not a master. I am very forthright, I will express who and what I believe regardless of how you feel. Should you accept this, I will accept you.<br />
    In a few short words, I could be explained as a “Hippie-Metal head”, although they don’t quite go together. Thus, this would explain my individuality. I love to create regardless of the medium. Over the course of two years I have created macabre art. This may change, I guess it has a lot to do with a person’s subconscious.<br />
    I used to “somewhat” play guitar, from this endeavor I have accumulated 5 guitars, all of which I would be unwilling to part with, unless of course a random Zombie came about and the only weapon I had was one of my “axes”. I am not exactly the most “social” person, from my stand point it has a lot to do with the way society treats “my kind”.<br />
    Other than that , I am relatively easy to get along with. Just keep in mind, do not make remarks that you are unwilling to have challenged. Since, I have unwillingly posted this about me section, I will end it with a quote. “I have come to the conclusion that conclusions are irrelevant.” ß Thefourthwinds <br />
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