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  • Artist Info: ninja <br />
    Im a 18 years old,malaysian,student,happy go lucky,cheerful,playful......enjoy playing online game,chatting with different person,love to make friends,love to see other person smiling...<br />
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    Sociable<br />
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    Your writing style reflects that you tend to feel connected to others, and that you help to facilitate that connection through your clear written communication. Tickle research indicates that people who are sociable generally have a few or all of the following characteristics in their writing:<br />
    <br />
    * Prefer printing over cursive<br />
    * A rightward slant<br />
    * A left margin that doesn't get narrower or wider toward the bottom<br />
    * A wide right margin<br />
    * Avoids using very heavy pressure when writing<br />
    * A large or very large letter size<br />
    * Doesn't print in all lower case letters<br />
    * Regular writing is clear and legible<br />
    <br />
    Your writing tends to be particularly clear, which is a sign that you're trying to be communicative and make it easy for others to read your writing. Of all of the personality characteristics that are projected in your writing, sociability is the one that predominates. However, Tickle has also included in this report a comprehensive handwriting analysis, using traditional methods, to give you a deeper view into what a handwriting analyst might say about you based on your writing.<br />
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