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  • Artist Info: Hello people my name is Valeriya I was born in Russia but then I moved to Ukraine and now I’m in Scotland. I have two brothers I do actually love them …but sometimes I just want to kill them well that’s normal now. <br />
    I love to travel and I wish to spend my whole life travel In different places.<br />
    I like swimming and play tennis I did liked to watch football because my brother was good football player long time ago. <br />
    I do have pets ..I have four cats >.<<br />
    I love to draw but sometimes I don't have time -.- <br />
    I don’t like when people get on my nerves well depends what mood I am in.<br />
    I like to take pictures and there is some examples in arena so...yeah like everyone I'm happy person and if you have any questions just ask.<br />
    <br />
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