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  • Artist Info: Hi, I’m Verona/Shera<br />
    At home, I am called,....Verona (alone)<br />
    I was born on September 18,1994 and I am 16 17 years old.<br />
    I am currently taking up BIOLOGY-CHEMISTRY as my major course crying ..... i am a nice person, (But just don't mess with me) ^_^ i love drawing, and watching anime. I'm also interested in diving. &lt;how i wish i would be a professional diver someday.&gt; "swimming is my passion" <br />
    People think i'm boyish..lol but don't believe in them..i'm straight and just deal with it. <br />
    QUESTIONS FOR ME biggrin <br />
    got a bf? yes! and i love him so much haha<br />
    what about a crush? aha! of course there are many of them<br />
    interested in online dating? yesh just for fun<br />
    how about online relationship? ummmmm maybe but i don't mind that kind of stuff for now cause you know..i'm still inlove with someone<br />
    got a gaian besty? there are lots but that one guy up there is the best "emil the great" haha <br />
    got a stalker? xD say a random stalker...hahha but they're my friends i love to be stalked though xD<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    hahahhaha..........that would be all...thanks for visiting my profile!!! i accept random pms and comments smile
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