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  • Artist Info: Hi Im Kristy <br />
    <br />
    Alright, I'm Only Saying This Once, So Pay Attention . I'm Not Simple, I'm A Very Confusing Person sometimes. I Can Be Your Best Friend, Or I Could Be Your Worst Enemy, Either One;;Doesn't Bother Me At All. Talk The Shxt You Want, You Won't Bring Me Down Now, & You Won't Bring Me Down Ever. Love Me Or Hate Me, I'm Not Changing For Anyone. I'm Kristy, & That's The Way It's Gonna' Be. Yep, I've Made Mistakes & I'm Gonna Make More; Don't Act Like You Haven't So Don't Judge. I Laugh Way Too Much, & I'm Almost Always In A Good Mood . I'm Crazy, Different, Weird, Defiantly Not Normal, & Random. I'm An Odd Child. ;D Don't Ask My Age, It's Just A Number . I Don't Have One Eye Color, It Changes During The Seasons. I Came Outta My Mom's Vagiina Sept. 24th . Gimme Cake In My Face. [: I'm The Volleyball Player! Hmm, I Have A Total Of 4 Piercings, Two On Each Ear and another on one, , & Nose. One Tattoo Of A Black Rose On My Ankle; . >;D Boys And Girls, I'm Single Not Really Looking, Jump Jumps & Santa Are What Scare Me Most, I Believe Music Is What Makes The World Go `Round . I Listen To It All Babe[; & I Have A Mixed Style. Don't Like? Gtfo. [: Wanna Be My Friend? Don't Be Shy; & Add Meh. <br />
    <br />
    By the Way im a prep dont like that DEAL WITH IT, luv ya
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