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    -STEPHANIE aka Bяookie - SINGLE- June 5th - 18-
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    The Name is Brooklyn aka Steph last name is Santiago, or whatever floats yer boat. i Can be very bitchy ,remind me to take my pills xD I'm the biggest flirt when it comes to guys. i take too many pictures(:But i love to save memorys. Music is the life actually its MY* life. My phone is one of my bestfriends. Love my friends like woe...Gotta love my brothers too , Rents? RIP 7.15.09. The Mall&Partying is my dailyy thing(:. <br />
    I like to be part of something,never leave me outt!. <br />
    Cheer leading. Skateboarding. Soccer.Yeah, thats what I do. i don't trust too many people. The shit you hear about me may be true,But then again it could be as fake as the bitch that told you. . Making friends is nice. i like to talk, So Cmmt, Mssge. Txt. Call. Please[= ill make it worth your time.<br />
    Hit me up 703-943-0487 [/size]
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