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  • Artist Info: Hai~! I'm an anime/manga freak, al beit a mild one( Yeah sure). I am very creative being that I draw AND write. I daydream a lot and I'm very random. (Note: VERY random) My mind is forever in its own Wonderland. I'm also a video game freak. You know the type to actually get angry over a video game. :3 My tastes vary quite often so I can't say what type of music/art/game I am into. I <3 to rp and I'm at a semi-literate to literate level. I'm most likely insane but not clinically so. <br />
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    Stats: Approximately 4% of population.<br />
    DN characters with this type: Rem.<br />
    In a nutshell: "Performing noble service to help society."<br />
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    What Animal are You?<br />
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    Wolf You are the wolf. You like company, but don't mind being alone at times. You're usually calm, unless provoked or annoyed. You'll do anything to protect your family and friends if need be. You enjoy silence and are a bit mysterious at times. You can be a bit apathetic, but it suits your personality. <br />
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