'What the hell' Jesse said as he woke with a start. He reached around feeling for his glasses when he heard another large BOOM. 'Kyle is that you?' Jesse yelled as grabed his glasses and sliped them on. Boom! 'well that one was a little quiter at least... Who's down there!' Jesse said as he lept out of bed and ran to the closet to grab his baseball bat. WHAM! 'okay what the hell is going on?' he asked himself as he ran down the stairs only to be confronted by a man in his middle thirties with grayish skin looking a little stunned, and a guy around 16 behind him with a black-jack in his hand. 'Kyle whats going on?'
    'Havent you heard? There was a mass break out of a virus that kills peoples brains and pretty much turn into zombies, The only way to stop them is to sever their head from their body.' replied Kyle.
    'Crap... so what do we do, is there any way to reverse it?' Jesse asked as he got his bat ready incase the zombie attacked.
    'Not that I know of yet, but I think we may need somthing to sever their heads. Do you have anything laying around?'
    'No, but if I can get ahold of Josh maybe he can get us something from his store, he does own gardening supplies after all.'